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The Positivity of cooking

I finally have time to say hello through a blog post .

My title sets the scene for my journey

I have had so many good times through the world of cookery

I also have been knocked down many times

Cancer a big battle in my early twenties cut my time in Australia short

The being hit by a cab on my grannies funeral wakening with both legs broken and a swollen head chest injuries and so much more

Years later both my hands swelled to the size of a balloon

Explanation I had been poisoned by chemo therapy

Yet through all of this ,I never lost the passion to cook and eventual teach share and smile

I do believe that if you find your passion you find a life style

Even now when I work a fifteen hour day still wash the dishes

I think well I at least am well enough to do this .

I smile a lot laugh at the daftest moments

I think of the people fighting their own battles with life and health

If we can wake with choices and health we really can achieve almost anything

I am smiling while eating a peanut sandwich and drinking coffee

While also planning

Cookery classes for

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